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2015 - The Start of a Great Year!

posted Feb 5, 2015, 11:40 AM by Jody Bea

It’s time to start digging into this year’s season.  I would like to have a meeting on February 22, 2015.  I don’t have a time yet as I know we are dealing with lots of crazy schedules including mine.  I will get that out soon.  Please let me know of any time conflicts you have on that day.  

Student Council (update):  If you are wanting to be  considered for a position on the Silver Star Stockmen Student council please be aware of some changes.  We would like you to submit a brief letter or short video presentation on “why you should be considered for the intended position”  prior to our meeting.  Your choice can be submitted to us via email.  We will review it and ask that you make a small one minute presentation to the club at our general meeting on the 22nd of February.  Your letter or video presentation needs to be submitted by the 17th of February.  

Changes:   As you are aware, there will be some changes at the fair.  Funding has been cut in lots of different areas regarding the fair.  We are aware of this and know that it will have an impact on our kids and our pocket books.  We have wonderful 4-H members in our club that participate and make our club what it is…fabulous!  My plan is to help offset the cost that directly impact us by using the funds we have fundraised.  Our new student council and adult leaders will sit down and come up with a plan after our first meeting.  

Meetings:   My goal this year is to make our meetings beneficial to our 4-Hers.  In the past, it seems we use our meetings to get information out on upcoming events.  I would really like to see us doing more and learning more in our project areas.  I am open to any suggestions or ideas you have.   At our meeting on the 22nd, we will, however, be discussing upcoming events and getting information out.  I’m sure many of you will have questions on the new changes as well.